Soft and Sexy Photos | Boudoir Photography in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa AZ

Almost all boudoir shoots that take place at The Bella Jade Collections boudoir studio in Gilbert begin with pre-planning. I love getting to know my clients before pulling out the camera in front of them, because lets be honest

having your photographs taken in a sensual way can be intimidating at first

Pre-planning is often over looked by some of the more commonplace high volume studios. At The Bella Jade Collection we take a different approach to boudoir photography and have proven that this step is crucial in understanding each others needs and intentions.  Knowing what to expect before you come in on the day of your shoot, and feeling more comfortable with your boudoir photographer is essential to having an amazingly powerful boudoir experience.

Even more, it is an

opportunity to dream together -

to begin creating a collection of images that is unique to you, that inspires you and leaves others in awe of your authenticity and innate ability to exude confidence from the inside out. The images become less like cookie cutter glamour shots and more like a story-telling portrait collection that is fresh, intimate, genuine, and uniquely you.

Soft and Sexy Photos. The Bella Jade Collection boudoir photography in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa AZ. A portrait photographer specializing in beauty glamour and boudoir photography.
Soft and Sexy Photos. The Bella Jade Collection portrait studio for women, gilbert boudoir photographer specializes in beauty and sexy lingerie shoots in Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, az.

I believe in helping all women, no matter what age, shape, or size feel sexy and more confident by creating shameless heartfelt artwork and giving them an empowering and uplifting experience. 


Miss M was no exception to that rule. Even though this was not her first time being photographed, she like most women was both nervous and excited. She knew this photoshoot would be special. She hoped that it would help her re-connect with herself and feel more confident in this new stage of her life. It needed to be representative of who she is now, her values, and her strengths as a woman. It was a session centered around self affirmations, becoming and unbecoming.

Miss M's boudoir photos are classy, seductive, soft, and tastefully sexy. They demonstrate that

sexy is not just about the lingerie you wear but how you wear it.

That feeling sexy is not reserved for just one kind of woman, but any women so long as she is willing to be open and honest with herself and practice self love

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
– Howard Washington Thurman

For more information on how to begin planning your very own soft and sexy photo shoot at our Gilbert boudoir studio contact us here.