The Healing Power of Boudoir | Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa Boudoir Photography

Like many of the women I photograph Miss N reached out to me hoping to do a photo shoot that would inspire her to take the next step in her self love journey. I think we can all relate to wanting to feel better about ourselves despite our insecurities and struggles getting used to our ever changing bodies. Having a boudoir shoot is an opportunity to tap into a more confident you, by breaking a few of your own barriers and opening up to the idea that you don’t have to be skinnier, taller, or bear a certain skin color (whatever it is that’s holding you back from feeling sexy) to feel confident in who you are.

In the three years that I have spent photographing exclusively boudoir photography I have met some incredibly beautiful souls. And

- the more I photograph the more I believe and understand the healing power of boudoir.

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50’s - women who are getting married, having children, celebrating decades of marriage and even those who are rediscovering themselves after divorce, miscarriages, or trauma. These are real women. Women who have suffered losses, abuse, heartache, extreme weight loss or gain. Real women.

I’ve listened to their stories and have come to realize how quickly a woman can feel stripped of her right to feel worthy and sexy.

But what Ive also seen is how powerful something like a boudoir shoot can be.

I am inspired by these women and there commitment to showing up for themselves, owning their story, and diving head first in the face of fear into an experience that has the power to facilitate healing.

I’ve witnessed the transformation and it speaks to me at my core knowing that I’ve been so honored to share that experience with them, learn from them and provide them with a sense of hope and security.

For Miss N she imagined being photographed modestly for her first boudoir session but also expressed her a desire to do something that would motivate her to worry less about satisfying others and more about her relationship with herself, her growth as a woman, and letting her story motivate others to disconnect from the mouths of unjustified hatred and negative self talk and begin seeking their true potential. It seemed only natural to create a look that would reflect her personality and her goals, by challenging her ideas of what is considered sexy, confident, and beautiful.

Miss N says

All of my life I have Struggled with my body… Its a new year and i am up for new challenges!

I cant thank MIss N enough for allowing me to share these photographs with you all. And though in the scheme of things, my time with her was a few short hours- the experience is life-altering. It is a chance to tell your story without words, come alive and to capture a moment where you’ve felt freedom in your body, and your self. A moment where you felt safe enough, willing enough, brave enough, and worthy enough to step into a version of you that allows you to rebuild, and rediscover.

I'd love to hear your story and share this experience with you. Whether you are ready to experience a boudour session of your own or are looking to connect with women who can resonate with what you may be going through please reach out to me.

We are human. And at the end of the day whatever you decide to do I hope it brings you strength to pursue your own self love journey.