Should I bring props to my boudoir photo shoot? | Boudoir Photographer serving Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Arizona

It’s not a bad idea to bring a prop to your boudoir session. Subtle accessories and well thought out props can add personal touch and versatility to your boudoir photos - especially if you are planning on gifting your images in an album for your significant other!

This trick is to not go “too crazy”. Sometimes my clients get so excited looking at photos online or on Pinterest for inspiration that they land themselves in a sea of ideas with no clear direction. That’s, ok. One, because planning is part of the fun. Two, because you’re in the hands of trained professionals ;). I’m here to help bring that vision to realization and guide you in the right direction that works for you!

Today I am sharing a great example of how incorporating props into your boudoir session can be a great way to spice up your photos and your overall boudoir experience!

Miss K and I had a lot of fun with it. She chose to bring in her husbands guitar and I planned in advance some amazing poses that would work well for her vision.

Guitars are one of my favorite props because they mimic the shape of a woman’s body and can do wonders for bringing out your curves and

making you feel like a bombshell.

Its also a fun one to be photographed with because you get to rock out “literally”, let loose and have a down to earth good time.

Check out these amazing boudoir photos and behind the scenes video from her session at our Gilbert studio.

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