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Be a Model for a Day &
Remember it Forever!

The Bella Jade Collection is looking for everyday women who have a desire to feel sexy and beautiful. Women who want to know that they are enough just the way they are and want to see themselves as confident and empowered, right now!

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If you a reading this, chances are you can resonate with wanting to feel sexy, confident and empowered.

But, there is also a good chance that booking a boudoir session is a little bit outside of your comfort zone. That’s, ok. Our goal at The Bella Jade Collection is to show every day women just how sexy they really are by creating the most beautiful portraits of themselves they’ve ever seen. There is NO model experience required to be part of this model call. In fact, those with little to no experience being photographed are just the kind of women we want to share this experience with (because those are typically the women we work with on a regular basis) This is an opportunity to transform the way you see yourself and feel empowered to love yourself just the way you are right now!

What is required by those booking their boudoir experience through our model call? A full model release.

Images and videos from your experience will be shared on social media, on our website, and in our printed marketing materials. You are welcome to bookmark and share them once they are on the blog.

When booking your experience through our model call you’ll receive the full boudoir experience.

This includes your consultation, a day of pampering and posing direction at our private studio in Gilbert, and a final image reveal and ordering appointment

To book your session date we require a non-refundable session fee of $300.

The $300 session fee covers my time and talent to plan, professionally photograph/style your shoot, as well as the retouching and preparation for your final reveal and ordering appointment. We will also commission Jamie the Stylist to do your professional hair and make up, which we believe is a necessary part of ensuring that you look and feel amazing for your shoot! The full $300 session fee is funded toward your final package price on the day of your ordering appointment. Generally our clients invest $1250 or more on their session and images but how much you invest is entirely up to you as you only purchase what you love.

As a thank you for being a model for The Bella Jade Collection and helping us share our message and reach more women like you through this beautiful imagery, you’ll also receive a $150 gift voucher

to use towards your purchase of finished artwork OR towards your next boudoir experience. Whichever you prefer.

This is NOT a “free” shoot where all of the images are provide to you at no cost. It is however an opportunity to experience boudoir for the first time with a professional team who knows exactly how to capture your beauty in the best light. We will guide you every step of the way and you can rest assured that you are in great hands.

During your reveal and ordering appointment we will present your images and show you all of the ways you can preserve your finished artwork. You are not obligated to purchase anything, however if you should decide to purchase one of our packages (e.g. album, fine art box) the full $300 payment will be funded toward the final package price (just like a regular session). Gift vouchers can also be redeemed at this time. Please understand that digital images and videos from your session will NOT be freely delivered without purchase of finished artwork. Regardless of purchase, however, you are entitled to bookmark and share them once they are on the blog.

Again, booking your boudoir experience through our model call DOES require a full model release and DOES NOT include any digital images without the purchase of finished artwork.

I want to be entirely transparent during this process .

It should be as simple, sexy, and as fun as any other boudoir session here! I know that boudoir photos are intimate in nature and your right to privacy is very important to me. If you have a job that would prohibit you from allowing your boudoir photos to be shared publicly, it may be best for you to book a traditional session - as our clients always reserve the right to request their photos remain private.

Are you ready to say I am enough and indulge in something that is by far one of the most empowering experiences any woman can have in their lifetime?

Its time to give yourself the gift of confidence.

Once you have read and understood what our model call is all about, please complete the steps below to book your experience.

Read and understand all of the above.

  1. Contact us with any questions or to request our boudoir guide if you have not received one yet.

  2. Complete the model experience form here to claim your gift. (This lets us know in advance that you are booking the model call experience, so that we can send you your voucher in the mail)

  3. Choose your appointment date and submit payment through our booking page.

  4. We will email you within 48 hours of booking to complete the model release/contract and set up your styling and wardrobe consultation.

Claim Your $150 Gift Voucher