Celebrating Sexy with Amber B. | Phoenix Boudoir Photography


Oh Em Gee you guys! Amber is crushing it and I am so excited she was gracious enough to allow me to share these boudoir photos with you! 

I first met Amber way back in the day (ok, so it was spring 2016 but it feels like forever) when I was just laying the vinyl letters on the door of the portrait studio - the defining moment of finally making this boudoir thing official in the sunshine valley of Phoenix! Let me tell you...

She was just as stunning then as she is now - And her confidence is smoking hot!

Sexy Boudoir Photographer in Phoenix

I totally fan-girl over anyone who has the guts to share their story and empower others. Amber is goal crushing you guys. From "I'm not sure who's skin I am in" to "everyone should feel this good in their own body," she found that something that gets her motivated and that inspires her to stop waiting stop making excuses and made a conscious decision to begin loving herself NOW and each and everyday after! Not just for herself, but she is spreading the love and transforming lives of others through her journey as an Herbalife coach. Dig that!

So this session was a celebration - of transformations, new beginnings, the power of self-love, and simply feeling sexy just the way you are right now! I am always telling my clients feeling nervous before a session no matter what your comfort level is normal. But even I have to admit that she makes boudoir look effortless. It is undeniable that these photos go to show just how far treating your body and practicing self love can go. Sometimes you just gotta let go and let your inner vixen take the stage. And that my friend, is just what she did. Confidence IS sexy!



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