Comfy Is The New Sexy | Intimate Phoenix Boudoir Photography

I understand that it takes courage to be photographed in such an intimate way, especially when you challenge yourself to just plain be yourself. It can induce some pretty overwhelming fears, and get pretty personal pretty fast. It can make you feel vulnerable and I get that. But, at the end of the day it is can also be just as freeing. I know this because my clients tell me all of the time that this experience surprised them and that

they never thought something like a boudoir shoot could change the way they see themselves - and then it did.

These photographs are proof that when you are willing to embrace your natural beauty to challenge yourself and be photographed just as you are that there is actually nothing very plain about that at all!

Intimate Magazine-style Bedroom Photography at The Bella Jade Collection Picture Studio in Phoenix AZ

A candlelit room, SOFT BLANKETS, WARM coffee or tea, and a good book to make it feel more like home - this entire series of intimate images was such a delight to photograph and even more delightful to set your sights on. Kat looks absolutely stunning.

Kat was looking for a boudoir photographer in Phoenix to create tastefully sexy photographs that would make her feel not just "sexy" in the superficial sense but confident and comfortable in herself and her body. She wanted something feminine that would elevate her natural beauty and that is always something I can get excited about!

I was so honored to be considered. Kat is kind-hearted, wickedly gorgeous, and I must mention an amazing artist so It was pretty awesome teaming up with her to style her session. We focused on showcasing her warm personality and effortless natural beauty. You can imagine all the warm and fuzzy feelings that gave me! I just love when women are not afraid to just be themselves and have fun with it! Women inspire me and I am very passionate about making meaningful artwork that can empower the confident self within all of us.

But there is another reason I wanted to share these photos with you...

Because they provide a unique perspective on what boudoir photography is. This is a perspective that is very important to me but not always talked about among the "glamorous" world of boudoir photography.

Behind all of the lights, glitter, lush lashes, and big hair - are people. People who are just like you and me. People that desire to feel loved, admired, and confident being just who they are. That's the truth. If all of that glamour, the teasing, the strappy heels, and suggestive lingerie is not your thing - don't be afraid to tell me that. 

Natural Light Bedroom Boudoir Picture of Woman with Candles in Over-sized Sweater taken in Phoenix AZ by The Bella Jade Collection Boudoir Studio

Call me a broken record but I can not stress this enough : boudoir photography should be about you and what makes YOU feel beautiful. It should never be about meeting some standard of perfection that ultimately makes you feel beside yourself. I mean, that's just how I see it. I want every woman that comes to me to feel comfortable enough to tell me how they dream of being photographed as well as their fears with full transparency. Do you want to be edgy, sensual, and seductive? Or more like a Sunday watching Netflix in an over sized t-shirt? My aim is to ensure you walk away from this experience feeling amazing about yourself! And that amazing feeling can be fueled by very different things for different people. If you are struggling trying to figure out what to wear for your own sexy pictures. Consider this -

Sometimes the simplest little things such as a cozy sweater and a little shoulder can be sexy. 

That's the honest to goodness truth. You deserve to be seen and treated as the unique beauty that you are, and your photoshoot here at our studio in Phoenix will be inspired by you. You are the muse. And there is nothing sexier than being yourself. Thank you so much Kat for allowing me to share this experience with you!


If you love these images as much as I do, contact your Phoenix boudoir photographer. I'd love to chat with you about shooting and styling your very own boudoir session! Let's make something beautiful together.