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Photo by The Bella Jade Collection; —

Photo by The Bella Jade Collection; —

2019 Brand Ambassador Program

The Bella Jade Collection is looking for women with a desire to inspire and be inspired to help support our mission by referring and encouraging women to experience their very own boudoir session with us.

What is a Bella Jade Brand Ambassador?

My mission is to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to feel more confident in their own skin and celebrate their sexuality in whatever way they define sexy. Thing is, I need your help to do that! As a brand ambassador for The Bella Jade Collection I ask that you represent my brand as just that — A power house and community built on empowering women and reminding them that remaining authentic and being the best version of you is ENOUGH. And that, celebrating your sexy does not mean changing who you are but re-evaluating how you see yourself! You are expected to be a person with empathy, but also someone who believes so much in the importance of self love that you allow no one to dull your sparkle.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s the nitty gritty — I’m looking for three perfectly imperfect ladies that full force believe in our mission to help women feel more confident in their own skin and are ready to talk dirty to me. Tell me what scares the shit out of you. Tell me, what makes you feel sexy. And, how you believe your story can inspire other women to take a second look at themselves and begin practicing some serious self love through their very own boudoir session.

As a Brand Ambassador you will be responsible for:

  • Sharing your boudoir experience with others through Facebook, Instagram AND face-to-face. When you refer a client to us you are supporting our mission! (you’ll be provided with a booking code so that you get credit for each referred client that books a shoot with us, and also so that booking clients get access to some of your affiliate perks!)

  • Allow me to share and feature your images from your brand ambassador session online and in printed marketing materials. ( A signed model release is required for ALL brand ambassador shoots).

  • Being body positive! Dig deep and get to know those you are talking to. How do they dream of being photographed. What is important to them? What are their fears? I want you to seek and refer women who would be a good fit for us. I want you to be mindful and respect everyone! Please do not exclude anyone because their story or personal needs do not align identically with yours. Most of the women that book with me prefer that their images remain private. Be sure and clear with them that the images shared on my website or through our brand ambassador program are approved images. No photos will be shared without their written consent. Treat others with compassion and understanding.

  • As a brand ambassador you believe in our brand so much that you are willing to commit to promoting The Bella Jade Collection exclusively for boudoir photography.

Brand Ambassador Perks Include:

  • One complimentary boudoir session including a styling and wardrobe consultation.

  • Hair and make up pampering for your shoot, and 10 edited social media images to share and adore.

  • A non-transferable $175 credit towards finished artwork for each booked referral OR $50 cash In hand for each booked referral.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Complete the form below and follow us on social media to be considered. Be sure to include any of your own social media links or other affiliations with your submission! Those whose social profiles align with our brand and represent true influence in the Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek area will be considered above others. If you are not chosen, that’s ok. You will be considered for future opportunities or editorial publications.


We are currently not in search of brand ambassadors at this time.

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