3 Tips to Help You Feel More Confident for Your Boudoir Shoot | Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert Top Rated Boudoir Photographer


For every self-assuring moment you are seeking to experience - there is usually something disruptive or challenging ready to derail all of the self loving, body positive vibes, you’ve got going for you.

But, what if you could grab all of that negative self talk (a.k.a bull shit) by the horns, pull it toward your face and let out a gratifying affirmation that you are strong, brave, worthy, and ready to do whatever it takes to become a better version of you.

Wouldn’t that change the way you cope with self-doubt?

People who have a strong sense of inner strength tend to handle challenging situations with more resilience. They talk back to negativity, and know that whatever IT is - they can work through one way or another and come out even stronger.


When you decide to book your very own boudoir shoot, a similar thing happens. You dance with anxiety and excitement. But it is all relative, Whether you see yourself as someone who is resilient or someone who still has a lot to learn about self-confidence - in the end we all survive.

And, never have I ever heard anyone feel bad about it.


So -

how can you tap into your own inner strength and feel more confident for your boudoir shoot?

I am going to share with you our top 3 tips to saying “I’ve got this” before and during your session.

  1. Choose a Photographer you can trust.

    When you choose your photographer take a look at their recent work. Does it inspire you? Do you get pumped up and start imagining what your own boudoir shoot could be like! Do you have questions that you still need answered? Do your research before scheduling your session. Finding the right photographer or wrong photographer can make or break your session. You wouldn’t go to an All-American Burger restaurant expecting Authentic Mexican Cuisine - would you? Make sure your photographer is someone you can vibe with, you can trust to deliver, and get all of your questions answered up front. You’ll thank me later for this one!

  2. Define how you want to be photographed.

    Make up a dream board. Include everything from color schemes, setting, poses, and outfits. Don’t know what to wear? Be sure to ask for advice. Every one is different. And, if there is anything I have learned from photographing so many women its that trying to be someone else is a slippery slope. Work WITH what you’ve got not against it. Decide to be you and be good at it. Your photographer should be able to help you with any trouble zones and have great suggestions on what to wear that will bring out your best features. How you feel in your outfit is so important. Wearing something that stretches you so far from your comfort zone you can barely breathe is probably not the best idea for your first boudoir shoot. Which brings me to my next point.

  3. Share EVERYTHING with your photographer.

    The real expert of you - is YOU. If you have something about your body you’d rather downplay, don’t wait until mid-session to tell your photographer. Share everything upfront. For my sessions, we have a styling and wardrobe consultation before hand. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about your concerns and address them before the day of the shoot. Get it all out so that you can focus on just being yourself and having fun on the day of your shoot. Knowing that your photographer is aligned with what makes you a little self conscious and what makes you feel sexy, will only breed confidence as your being photographed!

Of course, there are many more tips to feeling more confident about your boudoir shoot that I haven’t share here. ! If you want to learn more about this crazy boudoir thing. Contact The Bella Jade Collection here. Id love to chat with you and share more tried and trusted tricks that can help you feel more relaxed and confident during your shoot.

Just take a look at the photos of this momma! Get inspired and get ready for your own empowering boudoir session. Lets make something beautiful together!