Rockabilly Boudoir with Miss E. | Pheonix Boudoir Photographer

Miss E. re-defined sexy as she danced and laughed throughout her rockabilly inspired boudoir session. 

It was the start of me being comfortable with who I am; being comfortable in my own skin!  
— Miss E
Rockabily Inspired Boudoir by The Bella Jade Collection Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

Getting to know Miss E. and taking her boudoir and pin up pictures was such a pleasure. She came to me a little unsure, which is normal. But her story really moved me as she went on to admit that she had spent the majority of her life trying to figure out why she was stuck in this body. She never would have thought there would come a day that she would feel comfortable enough to EVER do anything like this. I admired her bravery for sharing such intimate details with me and set out to ensure this experience would bring her the gift of confidence I knew she'd deserved.

I couldn't have been happier to help Miss E. create the most beautiful portraits of herself shed ever seen!

I mean, this is the kind of woman who is always looking out for everyone else. The kind of woman you call just to talk and hear a friendly voice on a bad day. She is everyone's momma bear, putting those she loves needs before hers every-single-day. And yet amongst spreading all of these beautiful gestures and accomplishing what seemed the unthinkable - of finding good health and happiness

she still looked in the mirror with some uncertainty. She wanted NEEDED to see herself as beautiful.

She was more then well deserving of such a wonderful and freeing experience. When Miss E agreed to allow me to share her story I could not have been more grateful. It is no doubt that she is such an inspiration and her photographs are uncannily beautiful.

THIS. This right here is my why - having the opportunity to help women find their wild and feel confident in their own skin. I want this to be a place where women can feel comfortable enough to be themselves, have fun, and create something that is authentic and genuine. Capturing Miss E's boudoir photos was not just about taking pretty pictures. My aim as a boudoir photographer is to capture your unique beauty in the best light, to collect all of those moments, and celebrate the well deserving and beautiful woman within all of us.

Thank you Miss E for choosing myself as your boudoir photographer and sharing your testimony with us! Here is her story:

Seeing those pictures changed my perception about myself. When I saw them, the first thing that I thought was, “That girl is so pretty and she looks so happy.”  A part of my mind refused to believe it was actually ME!  I had to pull over on the way home and just sat and cried over the fact that the “pretty, happy girl” in those pictures was, indeed, me!! For years, every time (he) has said, “Hello Beautiful,” my response has been, “Hello Blind!” He noticed that after that day, he says, “Hello Beautiful,” and my response is “Hello Handsome,” or “Hi Baby,” or something like that. I want to thank you!  You helped me see it!  You helped me find it!!  
— Miss E


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