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At The Bella Jade Collection we don't try to define sexy. We don't have a to-do list on how to get sexier for your boudoir pictures. And we certainly do not decide for you what you have to wear to be sexy. That's not us - and we are proud of it. Why?

Women portrait at our intimate boudoir photography studio located downtown phoenix, az

Our boudoir clients re-define sexy everyday by breaking through to their true selves and embracing who they are in their own skin.

Of course I will provide my expert advice to help you feel more confident and comfortable during your session. I want you to look great, feel great, and walk away with the most captivating portraits of yourself you've ever seen. But, I also want you to be yourself, have fun, and re-discover what makes you uniquely beautiful! Otherwise to me all of that stuff (the lingerie, the make-up, the lashes, the lush hair, and that one photo where you looked like a model straight out of a magazine!) is just, well, stuff. 

I believe that whether you are doing this for yourself or for a significant other, a boudoir session is an investment in you! So, why shouldn't it be about you and celebrate all of the wonderful things that make you uniquely beautiful? Why does it just have to be about (you know) the "sexy" stuff. We take a different approach here at our phoenix boudoir studio, and want you to know that YOU are what makes boudoir the hottest and sexiest gift EVER! And, you are going to rock it by simply by being you and trusting your boudoir photographer to worry about all that other stuff.



I know, I know. I make all of this sound SO simple and I do understand that taking the leap and booking your boudoir photographer takes a bit of courage. I want my clients to know that having it all figured out prior to your boudoir photo-shoot is NOT a requirement. Before you go scouring the web with anxiety and jotting down notes on how to be sexy or memorizing hundreds of boudoir poses stop for a moment and remember that seriously

-the sexiest thing you can do is be yourself! 

What better way to encourage this type of attitude than to SHOW you what I mean with photos of real women who have braved the boudoir and rocked it just by being themselves and embracing their bodies and personalities to the core! 

Miss K. was a welcomed guest at one of our boudoir parties and I am excited to be able to share her images not just because she looks fabulous but  because she also ranks among the many who are not quite sure about this whole boudoir thing.

She was not ashamed to admit that she wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for being invited by a dear friend - a blow to the heart of a passionate boudoir photographer, but also the truth for most women out there. And, even though those words are never my absolute fave - I also knew right then I adored her, because her honesty and willingness to try something new is what I admire most about my clients. And this was my chance to show her how amazing a boudoir experience can be and give her something she will never forget.

I had to know more ( because I really did want her to feel comfortable) and as we talked about her skepticism about this whole boudoir thing, and how humorous some of the preparation lists they all had found on the internet seemed, I had to give it a bit of a laugh myself. But you guys I cant stress enough that at the end of the day, the best way to prepare is to just have a sit down with yourself  and figure out what YOU want and what is going to make YOU feel good about yourself. It didn't take Miss K very long to break through to the real her, and exude her own kind of sexy and we LOVE that here ar our Phoenix boudoir studio. Yes, the "stuff" and preparation will always be importrant, but not as important as

breaking through to the real you, and seeing yourself as unapologetically beautiful.



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