White Sheet Boudoir | Phoenix Lingerie Photographer


Contrary to the chaos that is my life, I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to shooting boudoir. White sheet boudoir photography is hands down one of my favorite styles to photograph! It is -

simple, elegant, intimate, timeless, and more importantly - all about her. 


I had the pleasure of working with Miss K for her bridal boudoir portraits last year and was so excited to meet with her again! I mean, how did I get so lucky to have such amazing clients? Miss K has a charismatic essence about her - sophisticated, confident, and courageous with the perfect blend of playfulness and poise to make every pose look seamless. We photographed on a Sunday afternoon, and the light peaking into the studio complimented her curves and skin in the most intimate and organic way.  I just adored photographing her and I could not be happier that she was willing to allow me to share her boudoir photos. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo Da Vinci


If you love these photos as much as we do, and would like to book your very own white-sheet boudoir session. Contact your Phoenix boudoir photographer today or visit our Boudoir Site to learn more.