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I can't even believe it took me this long to share this gorgeous woman's boudoir shoot with you all.

It is so important to my mission - helping women find confidence and inspiring you to celebrate yourself each and every day... whether it is something as exciting as a boudoir shoot or as simple as spending a quiet Sunday sipping sweet tea listening to your favorite songs. Whatever it may be, you are worth it.

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Miss K walked in excited and energetic. She had that I trust you and I am ready to bring it kind of vibe. Her positivity and confidence was oozing before we even began shooting and I cant say enough how beautiful that is! Truthfully, no matter what your size is or any perceived imperfections you may have, if you put your trust in your boudoir photographer, and arrive prepared and open-minded - you may surprise yourself!

The Bella Jade Collection Phoenix Scottsdale boudoir photography offers natural light boudoir photography and private studio in Phoenix, Arizona including tastefully sexy lingerie and implied nude white sheet boudoir photos.

I strongly believe that part of being a great boudoir photographer is understanding how women see themselves. Not women in general - but each woman as an individual person. That requires a level of honesty and trust from both of us - that for many can be a pretty vulnerable state. If the thought of talking about your not so perfect bits raises your fear flag, hear me out.

I want to get to know you. Before every session I try to discover what it is you love about yourself and what it is you are not so excited about. If we are being real - some have scratched their head to this idea but I believe it is an important part of becoming the best version of yourself you can be. And - that is what I want to capture during our time together.

I'm sure, you and I both know that there is always going to be something about your body you don't absolutely love. Am I right? My goal is not to magically make that disappear but to encourage you to just plain be OK with it.

Why? Because, whether you consider yourself to be a plus-sized woman, curvy girl, (any other of those terms we try so hard to avoid) or feel just right the truth is that all of that physical stuff becomes much less important when you are focused on self love.

I just had to feature this session so you can see what I mean. Seriously, when you bring the kind of energy to your boudoir shoot that Miss K did I can promise you will be ecstatic with how great you are going to look and feel! 

Miss K chose to keep things simple for her glamour shoot with a white sheet boudoir session at our natural light photography studio in Phoenix Historic District - aiming to celebrate her sexy so that we could capture her looking and feeling her most confident

This entire session is the epitome of what I believe fine art boudoir photography should be about. 

I am so thankful that Miss K allowed me to share her private photos with you. I hope these images inspire you to find your own confidence and treat yourself every once in a while!

And, when you are ready to embark on your own boudoir journey contact your Phoenix-Scottsdale Boudoir photographer to begin planning your very own session.

White Sheet Boudoir | Phoenix Lingerie Photographer

White Sheet Boudoir | Phoenix Lingerie Photographer

White sheet boudoir photography is simple, elegant, intimate, timeless, and more importantly - all about her. At The Bella Jade Collection in Phoenix we believe you are the most beautiful part about your boudoir photo-shoot and that is what makes a white-sheet session one of our favorite boudoir sets. Contact your phoenix boudoir photographer to learn more at 616-617-1891 or email us at bellajadecollection@gmail.com

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.